Friday, 23 January 2015

Tidy Chop in your kitchen?

Tidy Chop

Makes preparing food tidier and quicker!

Fed up of having to stop in the middle of food preparation to clear your board of waste?
Well now there is Tidy Chop created by myself one Christmas after thinking there must be a quicker and tidier way.

Aimed at the Catering trade and made out of 304 catering grade stainless steel.  Tidy Chop sits on your workbench taking a standard size chopping board (450mm x 300 mm) and 1/3 (325mm x 176mm) Gastronome pan up to 150mm deep.

Whatever your preparing this is sure to become a valuable part of your kitchen equipment and with 2 versions available Tidy Chop can really speed up your preparation time.

Standard Tidy Chop consists of 1 Gastronome pan where as the Premium 3 pans 1 either side of the board and 1 in the middle.

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